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“Sasky Mali” real name Uche Osakwe, Is a Christian, Nigerian born and raised Afro-Fusion artiste and music producer. He currently resides in Toronto Canada. Sasky Mali has been writing and recording music professionally since 2014, and over the years has delved into music production, audio mixing and mastering across various genres of music. Sasky’s artistry stems from the yearning to make a mark in the society, being inspired by the music of the likes of Fela Anikulapokuti, Bob Marley etc. Music has now become the major weapon and tool Sasky Mali has been able to utilize in influencing the minds of others to remain positive despite the harsh reality of the world we live in. Sasky Mali often talks about deep issues of the society he was born, and the society he finds himself. Sasky Mali dreams to harness that power with a broad audience of passionate music lovers to change the world positively, one sound at a time.”

Stick Up – (Prod by B3)
Not By Might – (Prod by Ploops)
E Sure 4 Me – (Prod by Thumela)
Is It A Sin (Prod By Mst Thomas)

Over 100,000 streams across all music streaming platforms

Produced over 100 tracks officially released on streaming platforms for artistes including Sasky Mali. Production Catalog

Nomination: Entertainer of the year (Alumni), Campus heats award 2016. Link

Incredible music style, I listened via the Spotify link you shared. It’s catchy and urban but also love the dancehall feeling. I’m sticking up with it. Congratulations, I am the founder of “The Mark & ​​Wayne show” on Glacer FM and have decided to approve your track for broadcast on my show

– Glacer FM

I love the feeling of listening to a song that was produced with such quality, it seems that in addition to the impeccable production, it was made with a lot of love. In the coming weeks we will post a news story on our website to help reach more people.

– UpdateCharts

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Phone: +12898305967