“Futuristic” by Moosey Lion

“I flooded my wrist, but before I did that, I bought me 6 different lands in 6 different states.” These are the first lines from Moosey’s latest single “Futuristic.” On this track MooseyLion is really speaking into the future and invites everyone to join him in this prophetic melody.

Futuristic is a song that stretches into the horizon of life and takes the listener on this amazing trip.

Steering away from the more aggressive delivery on tracks like “Gbege don burst” MooseyLion was on his “boss state of mind” so “we can’t deal with him directly” he “gat people for that.” He produced an extremely relaxed laid back flow. The type of flow that gives you the”back seat in the limo while the chauffeur drives” kind of vibes. Feel me?

For the first time in a long while, we hear MooseyLion rap about his diamonds, jewelry and Big Booty Lamborghini’s. But don’t get the wrong narrative. This is not another random fake flex song, this is a declaration into the future. MooseyLion sees great things ahead for himself and his listeners.

The “Scarface” production on this track is for the ages. The beat sits comfortably at the back and never distracts the listener from the lyrical and vocal content that leads to a very beautiful and catchy Islamic Chant for the chorus. ” Assa Assa Assa Assa Walaikum Salam, Assalam Alaikum Walaikum Salam”

On the track, MooseyLion advises us not to stare at his diamonds too much, but please, listen to this track as many times as possible. It is a real crack.

They say music is a drug, well, I guess MooseyLion delivered high quality undiluted white on this record.

The “HipHopu Re” fade away sample at the end of the track was the cherry on top.

To put the quality of the song in perspective, MooseyLion had grown men on their feet chanting along while he performed it at the Rap Joint Lagos HipHop @ 50 event.

No much talk needed. Go stream “Futuristic’ on all music platforms now! 

~ Alexander OGV,  Hiphopspace

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